Tim El-Helou alias timhelou

I come from Nuremberg and am the founder and owner of Studio 652. I am an artist, so-called digital artist, and in my art, simply put, merge several photos together, digitally of course. Most of the time this results in a very surreal, new image. In the process, I began to explore photography in depth. Soon I saw not only my experience and skills grow, but also my reach and community online. To this day, I practice my art extensively, sending my images all over the world and collaborating with major brands internationally.


For a long time I was looking for a place where I can freely work creatively and undisturbed. It was important to me to be able to find exchange with other artists and creatives. I saw all this here in the unique spaces of Studio 652 and finally realized my vision. Since the studio is of course much too big for me alone, I also make it available to other creatives in the context of renting. But the studio is more than just a pure rental studio. The implementation of galleries and exhibitions of various artists, the organization of workshops, seminars and general events around art and creative topics are also an integral part of the studio. All with one goal: the promotion of art and the coming together of artists and art lovers.

Tim El-Helou